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Landlords to pay over $82K in Damages for failing to provide Reasonable Accommodation to Disabled Woman for Assistance Animal

HUD announced on August 8, 2017, that they have approved a discrimination agreement between a California Fair Housing Group and Marin County Landlords.  The complaint alleged that the landlords failed to provide reasonable accommodation for a disabled female tenant who required an assistance animal.

The agreement requires the landlords to pay $31,000 to the disabled tenant, $41,000 to the fair housing group.  The agreement further requires that the landlords develop and implement a reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification policy, as well as update their lease and obtain fair housing training.

As the HUD announcement states:  “Disability is the most common basis of fair housing complaint filed with HUD and its partner agencies. Last year alone, HUD and its partners considered over 4,900 disability-related complaints, or more than 58 percent of all fair housing complaints that were filed.”

For full details, visit the HUD Website 

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