amandaminiheaderAmanda Lee Gross, the affordable housing industry’s premiere trainer, is the creator and provider all of E&A Team’s Affordable Housing Compliance training.

E&A Team’s Affordable Housing Compliance training can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Conquering Compliance Certification Courses

E&A Team’s new Training series “Conquering Compliance” will take an in-depth look at compliance in multifamily housing based on your project’s funding source.

Each 2-day comprehensive course includes engaging and interactive sessions utilizing case studies, verification examples, knowledge check exercises and even games to ensure attendees walk away with a thorough understanding of not only how to maintain project compliance, but why it is so important to do so.

Each Attendee will be provided with a durable and comprehensive course manual that will serve as a valuable resource guide long after the course ends.

At the conclusion of each course, an attendee has the option to take an exam in order to earn the designation applicable to the certification course.

The Available Conquering Compliance Series Courses are:

Conquering Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance

Topics for Conquering Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance:

Part 1:  “Determining Household Eligibility”

  • Determining Household Composition
  • Calculating Income from Assets
  • Calculating Unearned Income
  • Lease Requirements
  • Determining Household Composition
  • Calculating Income from Assets
  • Calculating Unearned Income
  • Lease Requirements
  • Determining Household Composition
  • Calculating Income from Assets
  • Calculating Unearned Income
  • Lease Requirements
  • Verification & Documentation Requirements
  • Calculating Earned Income
  • Eligible Student Household Requirements
  • Annual Recertifications

Part 2:  “Maintaining Project Compliance”

  • Annual Credit Calculation
  • Income and Rent Limits
  • Monitoring Requirements
  • IRS Forms Review
  • Minimum Set Aside
  • Important Deadlines
  • Acquisition / Rehab
  • Identifying & Correcting Non-Compliance Issues

Part 3:  National Association of Home Builders HCCP Exam*

(usually offered as an option upon completion of the training series)

*E&A Team is an approved HCCP Distributor



Conquering RD Rental Housing Compliance

Topics for Conquering RD Rental Housing Compliance:

  • Introduction & Program Background
  • Project Management Requirements
  • Project Physical Conditions
  • Tenant Eligibility Requirements (including eligibility of students)
  • Marketing
  • Waiting Lists & Applications
  • Tenant Selection & Unit Assignment
  • Verification Procedures
  • Calculating Annual Income
  • Calculating Adjusted Income
  • Calculating Rent
  • Tenant Recertification & Changes in Eligibility
  • Assigning of Rental Assistance
  • Tenant Grievance Procedures
  • Agency Monitoring Compliance
  • Overview of Farm Labor Housing
Conquering HUD Compliance

Topics for Conquering HUD Compliance

  • Introduction & Program Background
  • Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination Requirements
  • Project Eligibility (Section 8, Section 202, Section 202/8)
  • Section 202 PAC, Section 202 PRAC, and Section 811 PRAC Projects
  • Program Eligibility (including student eligibility)
  • Waiting Lists & Tenant Selection
  • Determining Household Income
  • Determining Household Rent
  • Lease Requirements
  • Security Deposit Requirements
  • Recertifications & Interim Certifications
  • Unit Transfers
  • Gross Rent Charges
  • Termination of Assistance and Termination of Tenancy
  • Enterprise Income Verification System

(TOPICS are available by clicking the Course Title or the Plus Sign beside each)

HCCP Exam Information

E&A Team is approved by the National Association of Home Builders as an Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) Exam provider.

The HCCP Exam is offered the day after most of our Conquering Low Income Housing Tax Credit trainings.

For more information about the HCCP Designation and Exam visit the National Association of Home Builders’ Website.

Upcoming  Open Enrollment Compliance Training Events


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Perfect for association or management company conferences, E & A Team also provides “single serving” training sessions that allow you to build your own custom training course by selecting from a number of single serving topics that are designed to be amended to fit your time restraints.

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