Commercial ADA Services

E&A Team offers ADA Surveys for all buildings and facilities open to the public, whether publicly or privately funded.  We also offer Consulting, Training and Expert Witness Services.  E&A Team will inspect your property to determine compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a comprehensive report of the findings will be generated. We also offer consultations to discuss compliance, plan reviews and more!  Our ADA team is led by Dennis Miles who has multiple industry certifications such as AIA, CBO, and CASp.  He is also an Accessible Design and ADA Specialist.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

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ADA Surveys

E&A Team’s ADA surveys include an inspection to verify compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990.

The surveys are available for any building or facility open to the public whether privately or publicly funded.

Any out-of-compliance barriers are documented with photographs, measurements, and the applicable code provisions and/or standards.

The report/survey also may include a section outlining possible solutions, as well as a cost estimate of the possible solutions outlined.

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Consulting and Training

E&A Team offers consultations to discuss a variety of topics related to ADA requirements.

We also provide a wide range of trainings on ADA topics.

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Expert Witness Services

E&A Team offers Expert Witness Services.  Our areas of expertise include compliance with all accessibility standards and requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, architectural design and construction standards as they relate to ADA accessibility requirements, and building codes as they relate to accessibility requirements.

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